Department of Geography

1) About:-

                The department of Geography was established in 1970. It is one of the oldest colleges having Department of Geography. Taking into consideration the need and demand of the student, the college started subject geography at the undergraduate level particularly up to B.A. part II. Department of Geography has maintained its academic standard from the beginning. Departmental alumni are working in different fields of society for ex. Teaching Field, Education, civil services, revenue department, Indian defence, Indian politics etc. Department also take initiative to run Science Technology and Development to arts of First Year Students, from the academic year 20201-21. This is particularly to make the awareness among the students about Science Technology and encourage them to utilization of science and technology for better development and healthy society.

Our vision is to develop the students through best conceptual and field work teaching which helps the students to prepare himself for competitive examinations and research work in contemporary competitive world and desired to reach the success. Devoted faculties like Principal C.V. Pathak (Ret.), Dr. Rajendra. B. Bansode; presently working as the Principal of the college and Dr. Amol Kumar Raskar; working as assistant Professor in Geography have contributed for the development of the department.


Our vision is to cultivate a deep appreciation for geography as a discipline that elucidates the intricate relationships between people, places, and environments.


To lead the development of academic, educational, and research directions of human and natural systems, Urban and Rural Problems and geospatial information, harnessing the integrative nature of geographic science to answer fundamental questions of global importance.?

  • Conducting educational tour to giving exposure to the students by visiting geographical location.
  • To motivate students to conduct seminars, workshops on the topics included in the curriculum. It will help in achieving academic excellence and exposure.
  • To provide a comprehensive training in theoretical and practical Geography students.
  • To equipped students with adequate practical skills that will enable they function productively in society.