Department of Botany

1) About:-

Establishment: June, 1999

Department of Botany comprises two full time faculties. The course is taught at undergraduate level; B. Sc. I and B.Sc.II, with the aim to sensitize students in the Shirala tehsil and nearby villages towards learning Botany which is major basic science to impact knowledge as applicable to agriculture, horticulture and forestry.

The Department conducts certificate course in Horticulture which teaches the art or practice of growing plants for purposes of food, beauty, comfort and to source materials.

To foster the knowledge to students, Department organises various activities like seminar, guest lectures, group discussions and group activities etc.


  • To motivate the student’s inclination towards nature.
  • To create scientific temper among the students.
  • To preserve and conserve the Biodiversity.
  • To create awareness about the environmental problems.
  • To promote use of eco-friendly fertilizers and pesticides.



Attempt is to prepare students for lifelong learning by drawing attention to the vast world of knowledge of plants and introducing to the methodology of systematic academic enquiry. With this in mind, we aim to provide a firm foundation in every aspect of Botany and to explain a broad spectrum of modern trends in Botany.


  • To motivate students and society regarding entrepreneurship through agri-based business as well as horticulture and landscape designing.
  • To guide students and society about sustainable environment management.