Department of Zoology

1) About:-

The Establishment of Vishwasrao Naik Arts, Commerce And Baba Naik Science Mahavidayalaya (Senior) took place in June 1999. This moment itself marked the starting point of the Department of Zoology. Started with a student’s strength of 25, this Department has produced notable zoologists and made significant contributions to the development of the subject. During these years, from 1999 to 2009, Dr. T. M. Chougule and from 1999 till 2024, Dr. Mrs. Mansiha R. Gejage, had continuously served as a lecturer in the department

Mr. Nagesh B. Birajdar was appointed as a permanent faculty in April 2023 and since then he is working as the Head of the Department till date. Dr. Mrs. Mansiha R. Gejage was also appointed as a permanent faculty in April 2023 and she is also currently working as an assistant professor at the Department. In the academic year 2023-24, three assistant professors Dr. Mrs. Shilpa H. Kurane, Dr. Mrs. S. S. Sakhare and Mr. K. N. Birje were appointed on clock hourly basis. Shri B. S. Naikwadi was appointed as a laboratory Assistant. Shri. S. B. Bamne was appointed as a laboratory attendant. The present strength of students at the department is 164 and five teaching plus two non-teaching staff are on appointment. All the presently working faculty members and supporting staff of the department are working satisfactorily with efficiency.

The faculty of this department specialized in Entomology, Sericulture and Aquaculture has engaged in a number of Transfer of Technology Programs. Faculty members frequently share their technical knowledge with Agricultural Officers, Forest Officers, Sericulture Officers, and farmers through Training Courses, Symposiums, Group Discussions, Awareness Campaigns, Disaster Management Programs, Exhibitions, and Krishi Mela, among other venues. These initiatives works extensively across multiple areas like Biodiversity, Beekeeping, Sericulture, Agriculture, Pest Management and Fish farming.

We set up regular meetings with scientists, government officials, and technocrats from the business world to connect with our undergraduates through invited lectures. Every year the department organizes long and short study tours and Posters presentations for students. The special remedial classes participate in the various activities such as seminars, conference & workshops which help them to have the deeper understanding of the subject.

The faculties at the department are actively involved in research work as well. They are working on various research projects and have multiple books as well as book chapters published. They also have various research papers published in esteemed journals. Attending and presenting research work in national & international conferences, workshops, seminars, etc. is a consistent activity of the departmental faculty. Besides it, students as well as the faculty members at the department actively participate in every program organized by the college as well as the institution.


To encourage higher education, research and entrepreneurship in the discipline of Zoology, incorporating contemporary developments for societal welfare.


  • To educate and to empower the rural students, up to the point that they should stand on their own feet and contribute to the prosperity of the nation.
  • To promote research perspectives and entrepreneurial mindset in the students with special focus on applied zoological aspects.
  • To impart knowledge and skills in zoological science.
  • To promote leaders in the field of life sciences.
  • To develop love and appreciation about the nature among students.
  • To make students aware of their social responsibilities and work accordingly in their relevant study areas for the betterments of mankind.

Core values of the department:
  • To deliver students with high-quality education, training, coaching and mentorship that will assist them to understand the knowledge and competencies required to succeed in research, entrepreneurship, careers, and leadership.
  • Equal support for all the pupils in the form of equal access to resources and services.
  • To honestly conduct various activities that promote integrity and productivity of the community, students, staff, professors and institution as a whole.
  • Promoting research oriented knowledge to the pupils by actively involving them in seminars, workshops, conferences, etc.
  • Helping students to gain every possible positive exposure through educational tours, invited talks, competitions, camps, tournaments, etc.
  • To create awareness regarding importance of conservation of wildlife.

Quality policy of our department:
  • The focus of the department had been consistently on improving the qualitative standards of the education and the department had strived hard to keep up the benchmarks with each climbing step. We as a team ensure that:
  • Students should imbibe values, ethics and policies nurtured by The Constitution of India.
  • There is a right balance between academic excellence and extra-curricular activities for the all-round development of the students.
  • Students should be actively involved into interactive learning all-round the year.
  • Students should be the center point of all the activities designed and incorporated.
  • Availing entrepreneurship vision and skills in students.
  • Making our students job ready by continuously enhancing and upgrading their practical knowledge and skillsets.
  • Post-pass out guidance and support for the students in their further higher education or competitive exams preparation or job/business orientation as per their requirements and needs.